Welcome to Amelie, a calm haven where our own British made greeting cards sit alongside much love products from carefully selected suppliers. Our luxury cards are printed and hand finished in the UK and are currently sold in numerous stores across Britain, the USA, Australia and Belgium. We will shortly be introducing our own range of candles which, along side our greeting cards will be available to purchase on both a wholesale and retail basis. Our desire to create items which have both beauty and distinction has become almost an obsession, which means you can be sure of the quality and integrity of the products. 

Amelie was originally founded in 2007 as a charming interiors and gift boutique situated in the heart of Grayshott, Surrey. In 2013 we decided to close the shop and cooncentrate on extending our own range of greeting cards to the wholesale market under the brand Two Beans. More brands will be added, each with their own unique personality.

Our wish is to inspire and enchant through the products we sell and the experiences they create, so please enjoy all that makes Amelie so special.